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Learn about Covid-19 Relief Services

You can benefit from our Covid-19 services at this time. Learn more here.

To RSVP call/text (716) 579-0238. For info about eligibility visit

Covid-19 Relief Services

The Community Action Organization of Western New York (CAO) promotes opportunities for individuals, families, and communities under the poverty level to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency. The challenges of living in poverty during the Covid-19 crisis have become more significant. The hurdles individuals, families, and communities face to achieve independence is more complex than ever before.

We provide short-term assistance to individuals and families during an emergency or crisis that threatens their ability to maintain basic needs. ⟶ Learn More

We offer comprehensive and integrated services to meet the needs of patients that are opiate dependent. ⟶ Learn More

If you have fallen behind on your rent or mortgage, you can apply for rent and mortgage relief. ⟶ Learn More

If you are late with your utilities due to Covid-19, you can apply for relief.⟶ Learn More

CAO of WNY can help you prepare yourself to be eligible for great job opportunities. ⟶ Learn More

Residents of the City of Buffalo and Erie County who are experiencing a food shortage are welcome to receive a pre-packaged food box based on their household size. ⟶ Learn More

CAO can now refer working parents and guardians seeking child care services for the children during the school day through our referral program. ⟶ Learn More

The Silver Senior Care Program assists eligible seniors with remaining safe and independent during Covid-19. ⟶ Learn More

CAO provides school-aged childcare up to five hours of child care with computers, internet, tutorial support, safe socialization, and meals for students of essential workers from 8 am-1 pm and 2 pm-6:30 pm, five days a week. ⟶ Learn More

CAO is helping families during the Covid-19 crisis with school reopening and the transition to remote learning. ⟶ Learn More

We offer comprehensive and integrated block club development services aiming to inform how local communities can organize and develop a neighborhood watch program. ⟶ Learn More

CAO’s Business School teaches low to moderate-income individuals and family business principles that would help achieve self-sufficiency. ⟶ Learn More

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Our impact is measurable, meaningful and sustainable.

CAO is committed to finding solutions that get to the root cause of poverty. We provide a customer-focused, multigenerational, integrated service delivery for the individuals and families we serve every day.

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